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Per Report: Tyreek Hill Called Police On His Girlfriend A Month Prior To Being Charged With Domestic Abuse

There’s a new wrinkle in Tyreek Hill’s felony domestic abuse case. Per their source, the Oklahoma State student newspaper published a 911 call allegedly made by speedster Tyreek Hill a month before the alleged incident in December that saw his name removed from the Cowboy’s roster.



At 12:55 pm on November 3rd of last year a call came into the 911 call center in Stillwater OK. In a calm tone, the caller said that he was having an argument with his girlfriend, and that she was refusing to leave his home.

911: Stillwater 911, where is your emergency?

Caller: I have a person in my house, like, they won’t leave. I’m trying to get them to leave.

911: OK, what is your address?

Caller: Aspen Heights

911: OK, what is your address there?

Caller: [redacted]

911: And who is it that’s refusing to leave?

Caller: My girlfriend.

911: OK, what is her name?

Caller: [redacted]

911: How do you spell her last name?

Caller: I have no idea.

911: OK, are you guys physically fighting or are you just…?

Caller: I’m not fighting. I’m just trying to get her to leave [inaudible]

911: Does she have any weapons or anything?

Caller: No sir.

911: Is she intoxicated or high?

Caller: No sir.

911: OK, so this has just been a verbal argument only at his point?

Caller: Yes sir.

911: OK, what is your last name?

Caller: [redacted]

911: Are you the only two there right now?

Caller: No sir.

911: OK, who else is there?

Caller: My roommate [inaudible].

911: OK, all right. We’ll have police on the way. If anything changes before we get there you give us a call right away. I want to confirm you (redacted)

Caller: Yes sir.

911: All right. We’ll have police on the way over.

A few minutes later the same caller called in again, and said his girlfriend had left the residence.

911: Stillwater 911, where is your emergency?

Caller: Hey, um this is the same guy that just called 15 minutes ago. She left. She finally left.

911: OK, so she’s gone and you don’t need us to respond then?

Caller: No sir.

911: OK, I’ll let the officer know.

According to the Oklahoma State’s student newspaper’s source, that caller is Tyreek Hill. The O’Colly obtained the recorded phone calls with an open records request. However, the names of the caller and the mentioned girlfriend were redacted. As is standard protocol. The address police were alerted to is Hill’s known residence though, but Stillwater Police refused to confirm or deny Hill as the caller.

You’ll probably remember that at the end of last season Hill went from Bedlam hero to zero faster than even he can run the 40. Just six days after receiving national acclaim for the punt return that changed the Cowboy’s season, he was arrested on felony domestic abuse charges.

From the Stillwater Police Department’s December 12th Incident Report:

[The victim] said during the altercation, Hill had punched her in her face, busted her lip, punched her in her stomach and choked her. While speaking to [the victim] I could see a mark under her left eye that turned a darker shade of red/purple during the time that I was there. [The victim] also showed me the inside of her upper lip. I could see that it was busted, which she said was the result of Hill hitting her. I could also see the right side of her neck was red where [the victim] said Hill choked her. [The victim] complained her head hurt along with her stomach where Hill punched her.

[The victim] said she and Hill began dating around June of this year and she is 8 weeks pregnant with his child. [The victim] was very concerned about her pregnancy due to Hill punching her in her stomach. While speaking with [the victim] I noticed that when she would move, she would wince in pain.

The 911 calls allegedly made by Tyreek were just one month before the alleged altercation in December, and help illustrate a troubled relationship between him and his girlfriend.

Oklahoma State and Head Coach Mike Gundy wasted no time in taking action after Hill’s arrest. Less than 24 hours later, Hill had been dismissed from the team.

“The decision [to cut him] had to be made and I was the one who made that decision. I made the best decision I could for Oklahoma State University, for this team, and hopefully for Tyreek.” Gundy said after practice for the Cactus Bowl.

There’s still no word on where Hill could end up this upcoming season, but that probably depends on how his trial goes. Tyreek’s next court date is set for April 17th. If convicted he faces one to three years in prison, and/or up to a $3000 fine.

– Cover Photo Credit: Tyreek Hill | Stillwater, OK Police Department


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