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OU’s Facilities Are “About The Pedigree That Is Oklahoma Football.”

The guys at are visiting some athletic facilities around the country and talking about their experience. The recently visited the University of Oklahoma where tradition and pedigree shines through.

We continue our talk on the arms race of college football that is updated facilities. Scott Roussel, and Zach Barnett from embarked on an annual road trip, “The FootballScoop Spring Tour” earlier this month, and we though we would highlight their trips to the Big 12. The duo made their first Big 12 stop in Stillwater, OK, and commented on the great efforts made by T. Boone Pickens and the university to not only improve their facilities, but to become one of the premier places to play. After visiting Oklahoma State, the pair went down to Norman, OK, and compared their visits in a short podcast. We’ve already talked about how impressed they were with Oklahoma State, so today, we’ll pick up where we left off, home of the seven-time National Champion Oklahoma Sooners.

“Oklahoma does a fantastic job of hammering in the seven national championships, eight Big 12 championships, and the countless number of bowl games that they’ve played in and won.” Said Roussel.

Oklahoma is all about tradition. The whole, “why change something if it isn’t broken?” mentality. The Sooners pride themselves on being one of the handful of “blue bloods” in college football. With the likes of Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, and USC, Oklahoma holds its’ head high in the ranks of college football’s elite, touting a 47-game win streak that still remains an unbroken record, and the most wins since World War II.

Though with all that tradition comes the criticism that “OU isn’t up to date on the latest trends.” and such. “Their facilities are a little dated” Oklahoma does indeed have an answer to that criticism by adding on to their 85,000 seat stadium, and a brand new, state of the art training facility, in order to meet demands of recruits. Like them or not, Oklahoma walks with swagger over the up-and-comers of college football, and sells a product that the likes of the schools that are still building their brand cannot attain.

“It really is more about the pedigree that is Oklahoma football.” Roussel went on.

The facility is the definition of collegiate. From the red brick walls, to the pristine condition of the natural grass field.

Still, there can always be improvement. The world of college football knows that, and Bob Stoops knows that, which is why players want to play for him, and coaches come crawling to him.

“The new coaches were thrilled to be here, you can tell… Bob Stoops is a wonderful guy. He treats everyone fairly. He runs his program the right way.” Barnett said.

Oklahoma Football is a brand. One that carries power, and weight, even as new powers rise, Oklahoma still sustains. Sure, there have been some rough years, even in the Stoops era, but it’s apparent that Oklahoma has established themselves as a program that is built to last.

It isn’t just about the football program though, it is about student life as a whole. Recently, Oklahoma opened a new housing addition for student athletes, Headington Hall, which includes state of the art restaurants, a movie theatre, and incredible dorm life.

“What I thought was impressive was the nutrition center in the players lounge… The new living hall, short walk to campus and to the stadium. It’s a one stop shop.”

Many schools are playing the flashy game of new uniforms, big scoreboards, etc… which is great, honestly. I say whatever makes kids happy. There are certainly many ways to do it these days, but Oklahoma already has established tradition, and guess what? They’re about to get even flashier.

– Cover Photo Credit: Oklahoma Memorial Stadium | Flickr | thecollegerag


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