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Baylor’s 410-Pound Tight End Is Very Real & Very Scary

The Baylor Bears have released their updated roster complete with a 410-pound starting tight end!



Baylor has wrapped up their spring practices, and on Sunday evening ESPN 1660’s Craig Smoak tweeted out Baylor’s official post-spring depth chart. It should strike fear in the hearts of others around the league.

This is very, very scary. Not only because defensive beast Shawn Oakman is returning, or because the Bears look to have a ridiculous receiving corp, but because of that second name in bold under tight ends, LaQuan McGowan. It’s official, The Baylor Bears now have a 410-pound starting tight end! 

Last season, when he checked in at a mere 390 pounds, McGowan spent most of his time on the offensive line. He turned heads though when he hauled in an 18-yard touchdown in the Cotton Bowl against Michigan State.

Turns out, that was just a sign of things to come, because McGowan isn’t even listed on the offensive line depth chart anymore!

To all of the 230 lbs linebackers and 200 pound or less defensive backs out there in the rest of the Big 12… Good luck.

The updated roster also shows that Briles didn’t need to wait until the fall to decide who his next starting QB is going to be. Seth Russell was expected to earn the job, and after a pretty good spring, it’s his. Even if coach can’t quite get his name right.


– Cover Photo Credit: LaQuan McGowan Scores 18-Yard TD | Dallas Morning News | Louis DeLuca

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