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Mack Brown might not be the head coach anymore, but he’s still on the Texas Longhorns payroll. So when he shows up in Dubai after rumors have long since swirled about the possibility of a game being played in the luxurious city, the internet runs wild with speculation.

No, this does not mean Texas fans will have to sell all of their possessions to watch the Longhorns play in a land where people hit golf balls off of ridiculously tall buildings, there’s indoor ski resorts, the police drive Lamborghini’s, and money has pretty much lost all meaning.

So, just what is Mack Brown doing in Dubai then? He’s there with a group of former players to explore football opportunities. Athletic director Steve Patterson has been open about wanting to grow the Longhorn brand. Although what better way to build your brand in Dubai than playing a game there? So I don’t know if I would entirely rule out the option.



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