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Earlier this month we took a look at the Kansas Jayhawks and what to expect in 2015. Unfortunately what we found wasn’t pretty. First year head coach David Beaty has a monumental task in front of him, and it just got a little harder.

The Jayhawks had their spring practice on Saturday, and the Kansas defense forgot one very important rule; don’t injure the quarterback. Michael Cummings is the favorite to lead Beaty’s new uptempo offense, but graphic knee injury during the scrimmage may derail those plans.

“It was a complete freak accident,” said Cummings in his statement. “I have reviewed the film from Saturday and Michael Glatczak (the player who made the tackle) was being blocked down the field and had his back to the action for almost the entire play. At the last second he turned to make the tackle without having any idea who was carrying the ball. He is a great kid, a great teammate and again it was just a very unfortunate accident.”

There’s no word yet as to the full extent of the injury, but it’s significant. It was reported on Monday that Cummings will need surgery to repair the damage.

“Michael sustained a left knee injury that is going to require surgery,” Beaty said in a statement. “Following his surgery he will work diligently, alongside our medical staff, to get back to the field as quickly as possible.”

With Cummings future in doubt, Montel Cozart and TJ Millweard will get an opportunity to show why they should be the starter in the fall. Cozart started the first four games in 2014, but after some struggles on the field he lost his starting role to Cummings when head coach Charlie Weis was terminated mid-season. TJ Millweard transferred to KU prior to last season, but has yet to show he can take command of the offense. Kansas also has a couple of freshman quarterbacks coming in this fall, and should one of them impress early, it’s not out of the question for them to earn the starting role.


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