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Conference Realignment

Should West Virginia Leave The Big 12 & Join C-USA?

A West Virginia fan wrote the Herald-Dispatch with an interesting proposal. He believes the Mountaineers should leave the Big 12 and join Conference USA. Um… what?

Kevin White, AutoZone Liberty Bowl | Getty Images | Stacy Revere

According to the Herald-Dispatch one West Virginia fan has a great plan for the Mountaineers. He believes the Mountaineers should leave the Big 12 and join Conference USA. So okay… not that great of a plan, but it is hilarious.

As I am a West Virginia University Mountaineers grad and also a Marshall Thundering Herd fan, I do think the WVU and Marshall football rivalry does need to be continued. I think Marshall is headed in the right direction under head coach Doc Holliday to be competitive with WVU.

I personally would like to see a new Independence Division added to Conference USA. This division, with teams such as Louisville and Cincinnati and South Florida and Central Florida, would have a regional and natural alignment geographically. I think WVU would fit into this division better than its position with the Big 12 Conference.

I could see such matchups as games between Marshall and WVU, WVU and Middle Tennessee State and WVU and Ohio University. WVU also could play the other power conference teams. Leaving the rest of WVU’s schedule open would allow it to schedule such teams as Notre Dame, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech and Florida State. I think this would be an ideal situation for WVU and the C-USA.

Leonard Mcie – French Creek, W.Va.

Um… wow. Back away from the moonshine.

As is predictable, the comments are pretty fantastic. Be sure to head over to the Herald-Dispatch to read them all, but here’s a few to whet your appetite.

There’s just one or two reasons why the move wouldn’t work out.

That’s a great idea Leonard. WVU could take Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas State off of their yearly schedule and replace with CUSA fodder. They could then send that $25 million TV money check back to the Big 12 every year and replace it with what CUSA is paying and forget about ever being on national tv or playing a big boy out of conference or EVER getting a sniff of the playoffs or a decent bowl again. I’m sure the AD will also enjoy dropping ticket prices from $60 or $70 per ticket to $20 per ticket. What’s a few million in lost revenues? Also, I’m sure Louisville is also filling out the paperwork and preparing to pay that $50M buyout to leave the ACC and join this “dream league”. Shrewd…

My reaction too.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Haaaaaaaaaaaa.

Given his answer for the football issue, I’m not sure we want his answers on the rest.

Let me see if I understand this. The economy is still in the toilet, we’re teetering on the edge of getting involved in a number of wars, our political system is a shambles and not showing any signs of improving, and locally, the heroin overdose issue is exploding. But by all means, let’s get the most worked up about football.

Eh, I was entertained.

I love in Lexington, KY and read the herald dispatch to keep up with local news and events. Having been born and raised in Huntington till the age of 25, now being 32, I can honestly say this is the single dumbest thing that has ever been published by this newspaper. No offense Mr. Mcie, but who ties your shoes for you in the morning?

Wait, someone else thinks this is a good idea…? What is a dead-end conference? Premier conference affiliation in basketball!?!? SMH.

This definitely solves WVU’s football woes in terms of being trapped in a dead-end conference, not to mention how incredible this would be for the WVU basketball program! Dream matchups, premier conference affiliation, reuniting with WVU’s classic in-state rival…this sounds too good to be true.


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