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Some more transfer news this morning. This time it’s out of Waco, Texas. Baylor’s Suleiman Masumbuko has decided to transfer to the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes.

As a back up, Suleiman brought depth to the defending Big 12 co-champion’s defensive line over the last three seasons. He’s played in a total of 38 games, and recorded 22 tackles for the Bears.

Since Suleiman is a graduate transfer he’ll be eligible to play right away, and the move to Tulsa will give him a better opportunity to earn the starting defensive tackle spot his senior year. There will be at least one friendly face to greet him as he makes the transfer too. Phil Montgomery, Baylor’s former offensive coordinator, was hired as Tulsa’s head coach in December.

Suleiman was a 3-star recruit out of Euless, Texas, but his road to play college football was anything but ordinary. He came to the states as a Rwandan Civil War refugee in 1994.

“We had a good life,” his eldest brother, Saidi Masumbuko, told the Dallas Morning News. “But when we became refugees, it was terrible. Very, very hard. We were living on the streets, and moving all the time.”

In 2002 Suleiman’s parents moved back to Africa with his little brother, and he was raised by his older brother Saidi.

“[Africa’s] where they felt they belonged.” Suleiman said. “I think they wanted to just live the rest of their lives over there and enjoy being back home.”

It wasn’t until Suleiman was verbally committed to Baylor that he would see his parents again. In 2010, eight years after he last saw them, he boarded a plane to Africa and was reunited with his family.

“We did a lot of catching up,” Suleiman told the Dallas Morning News back then.

His trip to Africa brought him face to face with the life his parents rescued him from. Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world. It’s poverty in its most extreme form.

“It opened my eyes,” Suleiman said. “It made me realize that I’m blessed beyond measure. Right now, I’m living a life that millions of kids couldn’t even dream of.”

Suleiman has a dream of playing in the NFL one day. Hopefully a year in Tulsa brings him one step closer to realizing that dream.



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