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The Big 12 is known for its uptempo offenses, but last season when Baylor was hanging 60+ points on opponent after opponent it felt like they had taken it to another level. So it’s no surprise that they had the fastest tempo in the country last year. How do we know this? Well, using Bill Connelly adjusted pace of play stats, SB Nation put together a table comparing how fast each school snaps the ball. Those numbers were then adjusted to account for how often each team runs the ball.

The teams at the top are all ones you’d expect to see. The Bears were so fast last year that, even though they ran the ball the second most in the conference, they snapped the ball a full second and a half faster than the second fastest team in the conference. That’s insane.

So what does this mean for this upcoming season? Not much really. How fast you’re able to go, assuming you want to go as fast as possible, has a lot to do with talent at skill positions and offensive scheme. So depending on staffing changes and player attrition these numbers can fluctuate from year to year.

Oklahoma State is a great example of this. Over the last few years they’ve pushed the tempo, but last year as their offense struggled to pick up first downs they were forced to slow the pace to give the defense a chance to rest. You won’t win many points with the guys on the other side of the ball if you’re in a race to see how fast you can go three and out.

What we do know is Snyder ball is alive and well, and with as much talent as Baylor is returning don’t expect them to let off the throttle.

Here’s how the Big 12 schools stack up to each other. Head over to SB Nation to check out how they compare to the rest of the nation.

School SPP Run % Exp SPP National Rank
Baylor 18.0 52.3% 23.8 1
West Virginia 19.5 48.6% 23.4 7
TCU 20.7 47.3% 23.2 17
Texas Tech  19.8 37.4% 22.0 19
Oklahoma State 22.6 51.4% 23.7 38
Iowa State 21.6 40.7% 22.4 44
Oklahoma 23.9 58.2% 24.6 52
Kansas  24.6 52.1% 23.8 79
Texas 25.0 50.2% 23.6 93
 Kansas State 26.7 50.1% 23.6 117


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