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Texas To Play A Game In Mexico City?

Texas athletic director Steve Patterson said on Monday that the Longhorns could play a game in Mexico City as early as 2020.



Mexico City Skyline | Flickr | Lidia Lopez

According to University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson, the Longhorns could play a game in Mexico City by as early as 2020.

Patterson has been working on ways to grow the Texas brand internationally for some time. Just last month we wondered if Texas was working on a plan to play in Dubai after Mack Brown took a group that included former players to explore football opportunities. The school has denied any interest in playing in the luxurious city, but it’s clear they think there’s a large untapped market internationally.

If the Longhorns are to play in Mexico’s capital city, there’s a few details to work out. Logistics and who they would play, amongst other things, have apparently hampered the Longhorn’s efforts, but if the Longhorns can get the details worked out, and Patterson seems hopeful that they can, it would be the first time Texas has played outside the U.S.

Of course though, they wouldn’t be the first team to play in another country. Last year Penn State defeated UCF in Dublin, Ireland. In fact three games have been played in Dublin since 2012. Canada has also played host to several college football games, and in the late 80’s and early 90’s Tokyo, Japan hosted several games including Big 12 games Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech in 1988, and Nebraska vs Kansas State in 1992.

With all this talk of growing the Longhorn brand internationally, ESPN’s Jake Trotter makes an interesting observation…

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