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From Around The Big 12

ESPN has been ranking the position groups within the Big 12. Here’s a look at special teams. | ESPN Big 12 Blog

Speaking of ESPN’s position rankings, we’ve compiled them all. It’s no surprise that Baylor and TCU have the best offense, but Oklahoma State has the best defense? Also, Texas doesn’t do so well. | The LGG

Are we putting too much merit on recruits star rankings? Staking The Plains discusses recruiting services vs coaching staff evaluations. | Staking The Plains

“It’s unfathomable to me that three years after the fact, there are those still arguing that the school’s move to the Big 12 was somehow the worst thing that has ever happened. It’s argued by those with a completely blind eye to reality” | The Charleston Gazette

Across The Nation

Paul Rhoads needs five wins to keep his job after this season | SB Nation

North Carolina received notice of allegations from the NCAA. “The notice is lengthy and must be prepared for public dissemination.” Yikes. – ESPN

Army and Navy refuse to move game to help the CFB Playoff scheduling. “We have no intention of moving it. None,” | College Football Talk

Houston picked up a monster commitment. If Ed Oliver doesn’t flip he’ll be the Cougars highest rated recruit ever. | SB Nation

The Pac-12 is raking in the cash. | USA Today


Pedestrian stops police pursuit and subdues suspect. Gets arrested for his troubles. | SB Nation

10 historical Memorial Day facts. | USA Today

LOL, this prank is great. A female Muay Thai fighter pretends to be helpless at the gym then destroys the trainers.

OMG It’s 2015! I must have this!


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