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Headlines: TCU & WVU Earning Larger Share Of Big 12 Pie

Only two Big 12 teams made the postseason in football, baseball, and basketball, financial reports are out, and what is going on with FIFA?



Josh Doctson and Emanuel Porter Celebrate TD | Getty Images | Kevin C Cox

From Around The Big 12

Seth C. from Staking The Plains stopped by talk a little Texas Tech football and what the 2015 season could look like for the Red Raiders. | The LGG

Oklahoma State and Texas were two of only 14 teams to make the post-season in football, basketball, and baseball. | Football Scoop

TCU and West Virginia are getting a bigger piece of the Big 12 pie. | College Football Talk

Not a lot of news coming out of the Big 12 meetings. | ESPN

Texas Tech cleared over $6 million in profit last year. | Staking The Plains

Across The Nation

ESPN taking a shot at the Big 12. “2. One true Big 12 trophy presentation” | ESPN

Oregon, not Texas, brought in the most amount of money last season. I’ll have more on this later | USA Today

With the financial reports out, Non-power 5 schools are facing huge money pressure. | USA Today


Bryce Harper is so good his pop flies are home runs. | DeadSpin

This FIFA story is insane. Here’s everything explained. | SB Nation

It seems like OSU and OU should be flipped, but what the heck, over, over, under, about right, over, under, over, under, over, over. Hmm, apparently I’m pretty optimistic.

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