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From Around The Big 12

We’re asking, who has the best uniform in the Big 12? It’s a close race between Oklahoma State and Baylor, but West Virginia and Kansas State are pulling votes as well. I admit though, I thought the traditional uni’s of Texas and Oklahoma would do better. We’ll announce a winner this time next week. | The LGG

Oklahoma lost a quarterback yesterday. | The LGG

Baylor’s season opener against SMU will be televised on ESPN. |

Is it football season yet? 10 Big 12 games we’re all looking forward to! | ESPN

The guys over at SB Nation’s Kansas State blog discussed who they’d like to see the Wildcats schedule in their non-con slate. | BOTC

These are some of my favorite posts. A look at Iowa State’s 2015 season through gifs. | WRNL

Kansas State unveils plans for premium football seating area as part of stadium addition. | Kansas City Star

Across The Nation

Auburn has decided they haven’t won any more national championships. Yes, you read that right. They’ve been on a year long search to try an claim some championships of yesteryear, but came up empty. SMH, I don’t know what’s worse; they went looking, or that they didn’t find anything. |

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is at it again. At least this time it’s not as ridiculous as proposing a delay of game penalty for snapping the ball too fast. | Yahoo

Will LSU’s latest QB dilemma get Les Miles in trouble? | SB Nation


The Qatar World Cup is quickly becoming one of the most deadly events in human history with 1,200 worker deaths and counting. 1,200! Those are human lives. To put that into perspective, the last World Cup that took place in Brazil had just 10 worker deaths. | Screamer

Wow, former Michigan State basketball player Garrick Sherman took to twitter in a drunken rant. See the sample below. | Deadspin

Shaq really gets into Mortal Kombat.


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