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From Around The Big 12

It looks like the Big 12 is putting an end to fans rushing the field and storming the court. | The LGG

Peer pressure may be starting to get to Baylor. The Bears are looking into scheduling tougher non-conference opponents. | Fox Sports

Former Oklahoma State QB Daxx Garman  has found a new home at Maryland. | The LGG

The Big 12 wants to make sure its stadiums don’t get too hostile. In a fairly ridiculous new rule, the conference wants to limit how many times controversial replays are shown. | Fox Sports

There’s still time to vote for who has the best uniform in the Big 12. | The LGG

Speaking of uni’s, the guys at ESPN’s Big 12 blog chatted about their favorites. | ESPN

A look at Texas Tech’s offensive line. | Staking The Plains

Across The Nation

15 defenses that caused the most havoc last season. TCU is pretty high on the list. | SB Nation

The 128 team countdown. Previewing all 128 teams before the season kicks off. | SB Nation


Adrian Peterson went on a lengthy Twitter rant and ripped the NFL. | Deadspin

If there’s a dance element to win the starting QB role at Oklahoma, then Trevor Knight is in trouble.

Oklahoma State’s newest kicker is pretty good.

Here’s a thought, if you’re going to show off a car’s self stopping safety feature, make sure the car is actually equipped with said feature. Thankfully no one was hurt, so we’re free to laugh.

How have I not seen this before? Apparently it took place in 2010, but wow, The Amazing Race is serious business.
Oh my god! Did I just watch someone die?!
“I have the worst headache ever” – Yes, your face was just obliterated.
“Okay, so what do we do now?” “We finish” – What? She doesn’t even have a face anymore!


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