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Mailbag: If you’re a 5-Star WR recruit…

Will Lincoln Riley actually be able to make in-game adjustments, How many total yards will Tyreek Hill have when he makes his return to Norman, and if you’re a 5-star WR recruit and OU, BU, OSU, UT offer you. Where do you go and why? Does recent draft hist., impact?



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It’s our first ever mailbag! This is a new weekly feature. Every Friday afternoon we’ll do a post answering your questions from throughout the week. If you’d like to submit a question hit us up on Twitter at @the_LGG, or go here to submit your question. Hopefully this doesn’t go terribly wrong.

Will Lincoln Riley actually be able to make in-game adjustments? – Daniel R.

Riley came up under Mike Leach, one of the best offensive minds in college football. He likes to use angles to create space and spread out the defense with a pass heavy attack.

It’s going to be a similar product to Baylor’s offense, where Riley will use the pass to open up the run. A lot of the adjustments being made in a game are essentially just how the offense runs. Take what’s given to you. If the defense loads the box then they’ll gladly take the yards through the air, and vice versa.

Now, that’s when everything is working smoothly. It can be a complicated offense and it relies on the quarterback’s ability to make the right reads. A position OU has some questions at, and the two front-runners for the job have both had issues with decision-making in the past. Don’t be surprised if it takes them a few games to find their rhythm.

Tyreek Hill, Bedlam hero to having zero to do with OSU faster than he can run the 40. It’s ironic that the very next game he’ll play since returning the punt 92 yards to send Bedlam to overtime will be back in the very same stadium. He may have on a different jersey, but the Sooners haven’t forgotten. OU isn’t going to let him zip all around the field (see what I did there), but still that’s a tough question since he’s a halfback that can line up in the slot as well. It’s unlikely Bob kicks to him again though, so probably not too many return yards. I’d put it at around 150 yards.

I’d have to go with Oklahoma State or Baylor. Playing for a school with the tradition of OU or Texas would be incredible, but both programs have instability in the coaching staff. Lincoln Riley’s system at Oklahoma could be a great fit for a talented receiver, but Riley’s a rising star and could land a head coaching job in 2-3 years. If that happens I’d be looking at playing for a brand new OC and learning a new system just as I’d be entering my junior year. At Texas, Charlie Strong appears to be the man for the job, but he’s going to have to start showing it in the win column or he won’t be long for Austin.

On the other side both Art Briles at Baylor and Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State have a proven record developing talented receivers, both have incredible facilities, both have proven to get players to the next level, and both coaches are set in what they want their offense to be.

As far as NFL draft history goes, I’m not concerned. The perception is the Big 12 isn’t producing a lot of NFL talent lately, but it’s not quite as bad as it’s made out to be. If you look at drafted players per school, the Big 12 in line with some other power five conferences. Especially when you consider that most of the ACC’s draft picks came from one school. The bottom line is if you have the talent and put in the work, you’ll get to the next level at any of the four schools.

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