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From Around The Big 12

A look at who stood out this spring around the Big 12. |

Numbers in the Big 12 you simply don’t mess with. | ESPN

This is fantastic! Our friends at Staking The Plains ranks the Big 12 cities in all kinds of categories. | Staking The Plains

The guys over at ESPN continue to pick the games they most list to see each week. There’s little arguing that week three belongs to Texas Tech at Arkansas. Will like determine how each team’s season unfolds. | ESPN

A summer preview of all the Big 12 teams. | Bring On The Cats

Week four is a little more contested. Maryland takes on West Virginia, and there’s Oklahoma State vs Texas too. | ESPN

Across The Country

Earlier it was announced that football would be back at UAB, but it looks like it won’t return until 2017. |

OMG, who was the worst college football team of all-time? | Land-Grant Holy Land

It seems the NCAA is about to drop the hammer on UNC. They are accusing North Carolina of lack of institutional control.  Punishment could be anything from a post-season ban to the “death penalty”, but it’s guaranteed not to be good. | College Football Talk

Here’s the full 59-page notice of allegations. | NCAA

2015 could be a critical season for Conference USA. | College Football Talk

Here’s a look at the AAC’s new championship game logo.


The Women’s World Cup is kicking off, and

Here’s the odd’s for the Belmont Stakes. At 2-3 odds, American Pharoah is going for the Triple Crown, but at 6-1 my money is on Frosted. Admittedly, I don’t know much about horse racing. What I do know is though, is that Frosted went from like 13th to 4th down the stretch at the Derby, and had he more room, he’d of run down the American Pharoah. The Belmont has more room. Who you got winning it? | SB Nation

So  it turns out LeBron James Jr is pretty good at basketball too.

They may be trying too hard here, there’s a couple of funny moments.


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