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HEADLINES: Oklahoma State Has A New Barbershop

A look at the Big 12 quarterbacks, did Texas make the right move by staying in the Big 12, Oklahoma State has a new barbershop, and much more!



Oklahoma State's New Barbershop | Twitter | @dylanharding4

From Around The Big 12

The guys at ESPN’s Big 12 blog take a look at the multi-purpose threats around the league. | ESPN

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is nearly out, and he has a message for Texas A&M and the Longhorns. | College Football Talk

The blog bros at ESPN are talking Big 12 quarterbacks. | ESPN

Oklahoma State’s new barbershop is sick. | Pistols Firing Blog

Five years ago yesterday Nebraska bolted the Big 12 and the ensuing realignment chaos almost brought the conference to its doom. Did Texas make the right decision by staying in the Big 12? | Burnt Orange Nation

With the possibility of fielding the worst team ever in 2015, the guys at Rock Chalk Talk take a look at Kansas’ actual worst teams ever. | Rock Chalk Talk

Our own Gerald Tracy III went on Longhorn Sports Radio and discussed the Oklahoma State vs Texas matchup on the 4th and 5 show. Be sure to give it a listen.

Across The Nation

“Today, 43 FBS schools — 33.6 percent of the current membership — compete in a different conference than they did five years ago.” | Fox Sports

Booze and football, that’s what Maryland does! Oh, and crab cakes. | The Baltimore Sun

Mini tailgate mansions! Every school should do this immediately! | SB Nation

Stong. -> “In my mind the NCAA is the last plantation of America.” | College Football Talk

“Honestly, I don’t know that any of our players would get into the school by themselves right now, with the academic standards the way they are.” | SB Nation

People love college football as much as ever. | National Football Foundation


The Sports Illustrated cover of the Belmont is art. | Deadspin

Former FIFA exec arrested for corruption Jack Warner is firing back at John Oliver with dramatic music and all. Yes, the same Jack Warner that quoted an Onion article as proof of a US conspiracy to get an extra World Cup. Here’s the whole series.


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