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With the entire 2015-16 bowl schedule set, the Associated Press is taking a way too early shot at projecting who will be playing the games, and they’re a big fan of renewing some rivalries! They have eight of the Big 12’s ten teams making a bowl, so let’s take a look at the tie ins, and other major bowls.

West Virginia vs Marshall
Sat, Dec 26th, 2:20 pm ET

The move to the Big 12 has left West Virginia without a regularly scheduled rival, so Mountaineer fans have to be excited about the projection of The Friends Of Coal Bowl being played in Dallas!

Florida State vs Kansas State
Tue, Dec 29th, 5:30 pm ET

Bowl games are tough for K-State. Coach Bill Snyder does more with less than anyone in the country, but that can bite them in postseason. It would seem that the AP expects that trend to continue. Now, I underestimate Bill Snyder at my own risk, but I just don’t see the Wildcats making a bowl this year.

TEXAS BOWL [Big 12 vs SEC]
Texas vs Texas A&M
Tue, Dec 29th, 9 pm ET

OMG! Please, please, please, please!  Somehow we need to make sure this actually happens! This matchup would instantly make this one of the must-watch bowls of the season.

PEACH BOWL [At-Large vs At-Large]
Alabama vs Clemson
Thu, Dec 31st, 12 pm ET

Wait, I thought Alabama received an automatic bid to the CFB Playoff?

COTTON BOWL [CFB Playoff Semifinal]
Notre Dame vs Auburn
Thu, Dec 31st, 4 or 8 pm ET

Welp, I guess the season opener doesn’t go all that well for the Longhorns.

ORANGE BOWL [CFB Playoff Semifinal]
Ohio State vs Baylor
Thu, Dec 31st, 4 or 8 pm ET

The Big 12 is in! Which means 2016 will be the year everyone schedules cupcakes for their non-con, and conference’s petition the NCAA to do away with their championship games.

FIESTA BOWL [At-Large vs At Large]
Boise State vs Oregon
Fri, Jan 1st, 1 pm ET

If this happens, be prepared to hear a lot about expanding the CFB Playoff to eight teams, because Boise State knocking on the door will only remind us that nobody outside the power five conferences is making a four-team playoff.

ROSE BOWL [Big Ten vs Pac-12]
Arizona State vs Michigan State
Fri, Jan 1st, 5 pm ET

Arizona State’s rise in the Pac-12 is really underrated.

SUGAR BOWL [SEC vs Big 12]
Georgia vs TCU
Fri, Jan 1st, 8:30 pm ET

We’ll see. This would suggest that the Horned Frogs fall to Baylor in Fort Worth, and even though the Bears get the nod on paper, that’s a game I don’t see them winning.

Texas Tech vs Ole Miss
Sat, Jan 2nd, 3:20 pm ET

We’re going to talk about this a little later, but it’s nice to see I’m not the only one thinking Tech could pull off some upsets this year.

ALAMO BOWL [Big 12 vs PAC-12]
Oklahoma vs USC
Sat, Jan 2nd, 6:45 pm ET

A rematch of the 2005 National Championship. So much has changed since these two teams have played. Sooner fans were laughing at the thought of Baylor ever beating them, and Reggie Bush had just received his Heisman Trophy only to give it back five years later.

CACTUS BOWL [Big 12 vs PAC-12]
Oklahoma State vs UCLA
Sat, Jan 2nd, 10:15 pm ET

Yikes, a OSU return to the Cactus Bowl. Something must go seriously wrong for the Cowboys to find themselves barely making a bowl once again.

Mon, Jan 11th, 8:30 pm ET

They don’t make a prediction past the playoff games, but give me the winner of Baylor vs Ohio State to win it all.


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