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From Around The Big 12

The Big 12’s non-conference slate is weak this year. | Wide Right & Natty Light

After going 4-8 last season Kliff Kingsbury is keeping a low profile (for the most part). | Dallas Morning News

Three keys for Texas to improve in 2015. | Dallas Morning News

CG Technology released their odds for each school in the Big 12 to win the conference.  They look about right, although I would bump K-State down to below Texas Tech, and move the Cowboys ahead of the Sooners.
TCU 17/10
Baylor 5/2
Oklahoma 4/1
Oklahoma St. 5/1
Texas 7/1
Kansas St. 10/1
W. Virginia 15/1
Texas Tech 20/1
Iowa State 25/1
Kansas 100/1

Across The Nation

Breaking down the cover two defense. | Shakin’ The Southland

ESPN’s Outside The Lines released a report showing student athletes receiving preferential treatment with their legal troubles. Especially those at a couple of Florida universities. I’ll have some more thoughts on this later today. | ESPN

Dennis Dodd has released his 2015 Coaches Hot Seat ratings. | CBS Sports


Turns out, FIFA President Sepp Blatter may not step down after all. | Deadspin

Do not take Urban Meyer’s parking spot. It does not matter that the spot does not appear to be marked, there is literally no other car in sight, and that he could just park in the spot next to “his” spot, he will not tolerate it!

In case you missed this edition of Headlines, the war of words between HBO’s John Oliver and disgraced former FIFA exec Jack Warner is heating up. Literally. Oliver has seen Warner’s response filled with dramatic music, and raised him with fire! Is it possible that sport needs more corruption?

The new Mad Max video game looks insane!

Wow. Take my money!


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