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Beer & Wine To Be Sold At Longhorn Football Games

Good news for longhorn fans this season. Beer and wine will now be sold at Texas games.



Beer | Flickr | Wagner T Cassimiro

New University of Texas President Greg Fenves has not been shy about supporting the possibility of selling beer and wine at footballs games. Even talking about it his first day on the job earlier this month.

According to the Houston chronicle though, that’s no longer just a possibility. It’s reality. Starting this season Longhorn fans, and those visiting, won’t have to sneak alcohol into the stadium. They’ll be able to walk right up to the concession and order it.

Texas actually started selling beer at last year at smaller sporting events to test the waters, and it sounds like all went well.

“Fan safety and enjoyment remains our number one priority as we work through the process of expanding beer and wine sales into all seating areas of the stadium,” Texas Men’s Athletics Director Steve Patterson said in a statement. “During our extensive pilot, we found fans and staff handled the situation responsibly and we had no negative issues or situations.”

Congrats Longhorn fans. Texas joins West Virginia and Iowa State in allowing beer sales. Hopefully everyone else isn’t far behind.


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