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From Around The Big 12

Baylor & TCU’s lines look like the class of the Big 12, but what about after them? What should we expect from the rest of the Big 12? | ESPN

I agree -> A Letter from Bill Snyder is the Best Award in College Football | Athlon Sports

Good news, Kansas has depth. Bad news, only at defensive end. |

West Virginia is most certainly not the biggest loser from conference realignment. | The Smoking Musket

Last month it was reported that Oklahoma QB Justice Hansen is transferring from the Sooners. Now we know where he’s expected to land.

It looks like the Longhorns aren’t the only Texas team trying to expand their international brand.

Across The Nation

Nebraska has lost a key linebacker, a safety, and a receiver. So not a good week for the Huskers. | Fox Sports

A&M has opened the door to the SEC recruiting in Texas. You have to have an Insider account, but it’s a good read. | ESPN

With a couple of coaches on, or near, the hotseat in the Big 12, here’s some rising stars to keep your eyes on. | Fox Sports

”I feel that I have been misinformed and the preliminary settlement doesn’t address the reasons I filed the lawsuit in the first place,” Arrington said. ”I would like the judge to reject the preliminary settlement. I plan to secure new legal representation to continue this fight to protect future players in NCAA sports.” | Fox Sports


Wow, as far a sports scandals goes, this is pretty serious. So serious the FBI is involved. The F. B. I. ! | SB Nation

The Warriors are a class act and deserve the title. | USA Today

Mirrors are very confusing for SB Nation.

This is insane! He’s throwing with his feet!


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