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HEADLINES: What If Texas Had Joined The Pac-12?

Bob Stoops has some decisions to make, What if Texas had joined the Big 12, why early signing periods are a bad idea, and more!



Aerial view of the Pac-12 logo | Getty Images | Jason O. Watson

From Around The Big 12

Bob Stoops has a few decisions to make in Norman. | ESPN

Texas will be selling beer and wine at football games this season. | The LGG

Iowa State is left with just one back on the roster with game experience. | The LGG

What if Texas had joined the Pac-12? There’s a lot going on here. | SB Nation

Across The Nation

Michigan State took the opportunity to troll Michigan with their new Cotton Bowl rings. | College Football Talk

A look at the coaches in the SEC West, and how many wins they need to stay off the hot seat. | Saturday Down South

All the reasons why an early signing period is a bad idea. | Fox Sports


It’s not often that you see an inside-the-park home run off of a bunt. Okay, not technically a home run, but you get it. | SB Nation

“There’s nothing wrong with being a bandwagon fan” | SB Nation | My response

I predict a record high for US Open concession sales. “So at the risk of getting put on some kind of list you don’t want to be on, I asked. Turns out fans are allowed to come through the security gates with marijuana” | SB Nation

Haha, love this.

Meanwhile, everyone’s losing their mind over US Soccer captain Clint Dempsey tearing up the referees note pad during a club match.

Oh, and here’s the Clint Dempsey thing. Ya ya, he shouldn’t do it, but I secretly kind of love it. It’s just so nonchalant with zero cares given.

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