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In January the living legend known simply as The Wizard received one of the highest honors in the sport by being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. To celebrate Kansas State is asking fans to stripe out the stadium named after the coach himself for the season opener.

“Many fans have reached out over the last several years asking to stripe out the football stadium for a game, and we thought doing so September 5 will be a great visual way to celebrate the start of the season and Coach Snyder’s selection into the College Football Hall of Fame,” Associate Athletic Director for Ticketing and Fan Strategies Scott Garrett said via College Football Talk. “With another sellout crowd expected for the game, we are excited for this opportunity to showcase the passion of the K-State Family to the entire nation.”

Depending on where their seats are, fans are asked to wear either purple or white when South Dakota comes to town. Specially designed T-shirts will also be for sale to commemorate the event, and of course, help those who show up with the wrong color on. Five dollars from every shirt sold will go to K-State’s renovation plans for the northeast corner of the stadium as part of Phase 3B of the Vanier Football Complex project.

It’s a great gesture to honor a great coach, and yet another reason to ask, ‘Is it football season yet?’.


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