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HEADLINES: Iowa State Picked Up Some Much-Needed Help At Running Back

A fantastic early look at Texas Tech vs Arkansas, Iowa State picked up some much needed help at running back, An incredible story on former Oklahoma State star Dexter Manley, and more!



Head coach Paul Rhoads of the Iowa State Cyclones | Getty Images | Matthew Holst

From Around The Big 12

A fantastic early look at Texas Tech vs Arkansas. | Staking The Plains

Iowa State picked up some much-needed help at running back. | Ames Tribune

This story on former Oklahoma State player Dexter Manley is insane. It’s WTH moment after WTH moment. | SB Nation

Here’s a couple of audio clips from the story. This is just a taste of what’s in the article. Read it.

Across The Nation

Louisville is loaded. | SB Nation

LOL, this headline: “Report: Alabama fans flocked to online porn following Ohio State upset” | Fox Sports

Ohio State has not one, not two, but three NFL-caliber quarterbacks. | SB Nation

It looks like Alabama and Florida State will be going toe to toe to open the 2017 season. Unfortunately someone’s going to lose, but it definitely wont be college football fans! | CBS Sports


A fan robbed the Dodgers of an out by catching a foul ball with his bare hand while holding a baby. There’s a lot going on here. | USA Today

Japan’s second goal against the Dutch was poetry, and the best goal of the Women’s World Cup so far.

“uh… guys? I’d like to get off now please.”

Ethan Hunt and Hawkeye? The bad guys never stood a chance!

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