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From Around The Big 12

You wont believe who ESPN has projected to win the most games over the next three years in the Big 12. | The LGG

Big 12 expansion may be more viable than we thought. | The LGG

Oklahoma’s President Boren may be saying yes to conference expansion, but he’s saying no to beer. |

Check it out, it’s our first roundtable. We have some new writers, and we’re discussing who in the Big 12 could be overrated/underrated. | The LGG

An in-depth look at improving Texas Tech’s defense. | Viva The Matadors

Bedlam could have huge implications this year. |

Texas is looking to build on last year, but they’ll have to do it behind an offensive line short on experience. | Burnt Orange Nation

TCU, Oklahoma lead the Big 12 in wins over the last 10 years. | Pistols Firing Blog

Across The Nation

Not surprisingly, UCLA isn’t interested in pursuing charges against Diddy. | College Football Talk

Syracuse lost a D-lineman yesterday. |

What if Alabama had received the “death penalty” | CBS Sports


Congrats to Virginia on winning the College World Series. | Deadspin

This looks funny.


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