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From Around The Big 12

West Virginia’s Kyle Rose Spoke With The Media For First Time Since April Arrest. | The LGG

Iowa State’s stadium upgrade is nearly complete. |

Our good friend Seth C. from Staking the Plains went on EMAWdio to talk a little Texas Tech football. |

Jake Trotter is talking Big 12 Expansion. | ESPN

I have a hard time seeing Tech beat Baylor, OU, and Oklahoma State, and I’m higher on them than most. | Viva The Matadors

Incoming K-State running back Denzel Goolsby gave an incredible acceptance speech under extremely difficult circumstances. Our thoughts are with him and his family. | Fox Sports

You never want to count out Bill Snyder, but every game could be a trap game this season for the Wildcats. | KC Kingdom

Mike Gundy is more concerned with winning the Big 12 than a National Championship, and he’s right. | ESPN

Across The Nation

Pitt’s new athletic director in committed to continuing the Backyard Brawl with Penn State. Now about that rivalry with West Virginia… | College Football Talk

Speaking of rivalries, what makes one? | Frogs O’ War

Is the SEC slipping from their perch at the top of college football? | Saturday Down South

Iowa State isn’t the only one upgrading their facilities game. Fresno State has some ambitious plans of their own. | Scout

SMU and Houston are bringing the “smashmouth spread” to Texas. | Football Study Hall

In a strange story Ole Miss star Laremy Tunsil was arrested on charges of domestic violence by protecting his mother. | ESPN


The Basketball Tournament is about to begin, and there are several former Big 12 players taking part. |

The first mistake was actually ordering a hot dog encrusted pizza. It’s not doing a lot for America’s rep. | SB Nation

This is one of the best set pieces you will ever see.


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