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From Around The Big 12

Florida State is hoping to schedule West Virginia in 2018, but that could be easier said than done. | The LGG

Talking Doomsday for the Big 12. | Fox Sports

We’re continuing to look at the Big 12’s 2015 non-conference schedule, and surprise, surprise, Baylor’s is a cakewalk. | The LGG

“Whatever the case there, WVU’s receiving corps will be a determining factor in the team’s success or lack thereof” | Charleston Gazette

TCU has a healthy stable of running backs. | Frog O’ War

“The Big 12 is in its current predicament because of a lack of proactive planning in the past. That mistake needs to be rectified, and that’s at the foundation of Boren’s stance.” | ESPN

New Texas Tech defensive coordinator David Gibbs has a history or turning around defenses in a hurry. | Staking The Plains

Baker Mayfield, now at Oklahoma and the favorite for the starting QB role, may or may not have a shoulder injury. Probably all that dancing. | Dallas Morning News

“The biggest problem with the Longhorn Network may be what it means for the rest of the Big 12. It gives Texas a different playing field than the rest of the conference (a huge part of what led to Texas A&M and Missouri defecting for the SEC), and it minimizes the value of third-tier rights for the other schools in the league. It also adds to rumors about the conference’s potential instability, and it makes it difficult for them to pursue expansion (as Boren wants), making it so they can only really target schools not currently in power conferences. If the Big 12 is able to remain stable or perhaps even expand, LHN may not be a huge issue, but if there is further conference realignment, LHN may be a deciding factor in that.” | Awful Announcing

Across The Nation

Looking at football attendance around the country. | Every Day Should Be Saturday

Tennessee is getting some new uniforms courtesy of Nike, and they’re pretty sharp. | College Football Talk

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, “We don’t run off players.” |

Speaking of Harbaugh, this interview with ESPN’s Colin Cowherd is incredibly awkward.


FIFA President Sepp Blatter is this year’s Charlie Sheen. #Winning | SB Nation

“I did the stall tactic. It worked.” | SB Nation

Best slide ever!

A freak own goal in the 90th minute to knock you out of the World Cup has to be the worst way to lose ever.

There’s a new trailer for the upcoming Transporter movie. Could be good, but probably just a cash grab.


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