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Oklahoma State has all the pieces to be a contender. | SB Nation

To the Football Brainiacs credit, it’s not exactly normal for a starting QB to have to rest a week in the summer for shoulder fatigue. | Football Brainiacs

It should be an improved Texas Tech. Especially on defense. | SB Nation

“It’s one of my top priorities in scheduling,” WVU athletic director Shane Lyons said about the Backyard Brawl Rivalry with Pitt. “I think it’s a great thing for us as a university, it’s a great thing for Pitt and it’s a great thing for college football as a whole.”Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Big 12 Expansion

Should the Big 12 expand to 14 teams? | Outkick The Coverage

The Big 12 should go for BYU or go east. | SB Nation

Across The Nation

How branding goes beyond uniforms and logos. |

It seems like Georgia is constantly being overrated in the SEC, but it also shines a light of what happens with too many powers in a conference. Something has to give. | SB Nation

Diddy won’t face felony charges after all. | LA Times

It’s the off-season, and college football players being arrested for doing stupid things is a staple year in and year out. Although this one may be the dumbest.  Utah corner Dominique Hatfield created a Craigslist ad to sell an Xbox, but didn’t have the best intentions. “When the victim and suspect met the suspect produced a knife and demanded the victim’s money. The victim complied and gave the suspect cash. The suspect then fled on foot.” It gets better though. “A short time later, the victim arranged for his wife to call Hatfield back and inquiry about buying a phone he was also selling, the report stated. They arranged to meet at the same place her husband was robbed, only this time Unified police officers were also there waiting.” | Deseret News

After several rumors flying around about Braxton Miller potentially looking to transfer from Ohio State, it looks like he isn’t going anywhere.


Someone just tell Luke Ridnour where to be when it’s all done. | USA Today

What is happening here?!

The dude can’t make a free throw, but shoots golf balls into the cup like he’s Steph Curry. That makes sense.


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