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HEADLINES: Why Is Oklahoma State Slipping In The Polls?

Breaking down the Big 12’s basketball attendance. Could Texas Tech be the Big 12’s surprise team? Why Is Oklahoma State Slipping In The Polls? And more!



Mike Gundy of Oklahoma State watches from the sideline | Getty Images | Stacy Revere

From Around The Big 12

Could Texas Tech be the Big 12’s surprise team? (I think so) | Bleacher Report

Eric Hamm is continuing to break down the Big 12 non-conference slate. With a game against Arkansas in week three, we’ll know early whether or not the Red Raiders are a dark horse or not. | The LGG

“Baylor is the reason OU and Texas aren’t OU and Texas anymore” | SB Nation

“The Bears have consistently been one of the strongest passing attacks in college football. Last year, Baylor’s receivers combined for the fourth-most receiving yards per game. There’s a new quarterback at the helm, but plenty of wide receiver talent should make the transition virtually seamless.” | Dallas Morning News

CRFF is asking why Oklahoma State seems to be slipping in the preseason rankings as of late. What’s changed since the spring? | Cowboys Ride For Free

“Big 12 offenses are so explosive it has become unwise to sit back and let them dictate the action. The conference’s best defenses tend to focus on consistently being disruptive and creating offensive mistakes to capitalize upon.” | ESPN

It looks like the Horns are keeping the metallic logo helmets. | Burnt Orange Nation

Baylor’s new deal with PepsiCo comes with the benefit of Gatorade. “I’ll take Gatorade over All Sport any day,” 2016 Mesquite Horn WR and Baylor commit Jared Atkinson said in an email. “I think All Sport should give up on trying to compete with Gatorade.” | Dallas Morning News

Berry Tramel has been vocal in wondering if Oklahoma dropped the ball in handling the Joe Mixon situation. Needless to say he’s gotten a few emails about it from the fans. It’s an interesting read, but come on NewsOK, stop the autoplay and give us paragraphs! | NewsOK

Is 2015 the Horned Frogs best chance at ever winning a National Title? | Frogs O’ War

“To stop everything,” he said. “That’s a realistic goal. I mean, we control the points and yards. At the end of the day, that’s on us. If we stop receivers, if we slow down their passing attack, if we make teams one dimensional, we can be something special.” | Charleston Gazette

Is DeAndre Washington poised to have a monster year? | Dallas Morning News

Well, this is awkward… Texas receiver releases rap single about dealing drugs.  I forget, which of Strong’s core values was that? (Song is NSFW) | Burnt Orange Nation

Oh my!

Across The Nation

The biggest issue with the BCS was the inconsistency of the  ‘eye test’.  So we dumped the computers and asked a committee to tell us who the best four teams are.  So surprise, surprise, guess what term is being thrown around again. | NewsOK

Exploring game theory on when to go for two. | The Only Colors


Breaking down the Big 12’s basketball attendance. It will be interesting to see how Texas’ attendance changes with Shaka Smart now at the helm . | Pistols Firing

“I was certainly troubled by all the allegations. And those allegations don’t match our core values,” he said. “Certainly our student athletes need to be in an environment that’s safe, that’s healthy, that takes their well-being as primary importance.” | CNN

Between Adam Schefter tweeting Jason Pierre-Paul’s medical records, and Chris Broussard getting into it with Mark Cuban, it hasn’t been a good week for ESPN pundits.

This looks incredible

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