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Four Big 12 players were named to the Jim Thorpe watch list. | The LGG

If the Longhorns enter Big 12 play 2-1, they’ll be doing well. | The LGG

Bill Connelly has wrapped up his Big 12 previews, and now he’s ranking the conference. It’s not how I have it, but he makes a solid argument. (Because of course. He’s pretty good at this!) | SB Nation

Texas Tech’s co-defensive coordinator Mike Smith is ready to get the season started. (I am too!) | Staking The Plains

What a difference a year can make. “A year ago, doubt surrounded Trevone Boykin; now he’s dealing with being Heisman favorite” | Dallas Morning News

Speaking of Trevone Boykin, he’s been a ‘sponge’ at the Manning Passing Academy. |

At this point, you would think the Jayhawks would take what they could get. | KUSports

Oklahoma State picked up an Auburn transfer. | Pistols Firing

If the Cowboys are going to contend in 2015, they need to do these five things. | Cowboys Ride For Free

“Separating from Texas would be a competitive nightmare. The Red River Showdown is so part of the fabric of OU in terms of development, fundraising and recruiting. The Oklahoma-Texas game is something that OU can recruit to that TCU, Baylor or Texas A&M cannot. The game is a big reason why the Sooners have enjoyed such great success recruiting in Texas, going back to the 1950s. Separating from Oklahoma State, meanwhile, would be a political nightmare for the Sooners. Local politicians, even those with OU backgrounds, would have to know that Oklahoma State getting squeezed into a lesser league would not be good for the overall health of the state. Sure, the legislature doesn’t have direct control of OU’s conference affiliation, but it does have control in funding, a pretty big card it could play. Even then, OU president David Boren seems committed to the overall well-being of the state; not just OU. While governor, he helped established Oklahoma State’s renowned veterinary teaching hospital, which still bears his name. When realignment was gaining traction at the turn of the decade, Boren and Oklahoma State president Burns Hargis communicated almost daily. All this is why OU has incentive in making the Big 12 work, and why leaving the Big 12 (TV contracts aside) wouldn’t be as easy or seamless for OU as some might think.” | ESPN

It looks like former 4-star Georgia QB Jacob Park will be headed to the Big 12.

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It’s only fitting we kick this off with the back-to-back defending Big 12 champs.

Across The Nation

“College Football Spenders – Mo Money, Mo Problems” | Wide Right & Natty Light

7 plays that will make you wish it was September. | The Student Section

“ESPN has lost 7.2 million subscribers in the past four years, over three million since last year. That could have a seismic impact in sports media since if the cable bundle is one large bubble — as some have been suggesting for years — then the sports universe may be in for a cruel tumble.” | Fox Sports


This is pretty spot on, haha

I’m just going to leave this here

This first ever BMX quad back-flip is insane!


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