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New Site Design Screenshot

I promised we were working on something big, and here it is! Our hope is that the new design will provide a user friendly experience while giving the LGG a defining and stunning look! Whether on your cell phone, tablet, or computer, it’s our goal to always provide the best user experience. You be the final judge! What do you think of our little renovation?

So why the new look?

I’ve been fortunate enough to build a friendship with Seth C. from Staking The Plains, and we’ve been talking about ways to improve both sites for a little while. A few weeks ago we started kicking around the idea of developing a new theme in a collaboration of sorts. We’re hoping that by using the same theme, you all, especially those that read both blogs, will enjoy a familiar look between the two.

Please, look around and take it for a spin! Right off the bat you’ll notice the large slider featuring the four most recent posts running across the top of the site. Those same four posts also span below the slider so you can see them all at a quick glance without having to wait or scroll through the slider. The post feed then picks up where the featured posts leave off.

There’s still a few more minor tweaks to be made, and those will roll out over the next few days. In the meantime, let us know what you think!



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