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Dana Holgorsen likes Red Bull. Like an unhealthy amount. An how-has-your-heart-not-exploded amount.

In fact he was asked about this very addiction today at Big 12 Media Days, and own Gerald Tracy III  was there to witness it. From Gerald’s post over at Cowboys Ride For Free.

Holgorsen was sitting at the table, drinking a sugar-free Redbull of course, answering every question with that flare that has made so many love him. The first question from a TV reporter, how many Redbulls will he drink between now and the end of the season.

“So we’re talking around 185 days,” Holgorsen said. “I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000.”

I don’t think he’s kidding either. That’s between 5-6 a day, so yep, sounds about right.

And that’s what made this transaction between him, and a couple of Red Bull girls at Big 12 Media Days so great.

“I’m one of your better supporters.” 

And that’s a wrap for Media Days. Shut it down, there’s no reason to have a day two.


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