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Walt Anderson, the supervisor of officials, opened up day two of Big 12 Media Days, and of course, he’s talking rule changes.

There aren’t as many changes as there’s been in season’s past, but there are a few. One of which is the removal of oversized face masks.

“You may have seen a lot of the face masks that are really getting to be more like the cage fighting arenas. Those oversized face masks have been eliminated, not a big deal. We communicated with the equipment managers throughout the spring, and we feel like we probably got that under control even before the season starts.”

“Some of them have sent us photographs of their anticipated face mask, and we’ve already approved and/or disapproved some of them. So we’ve got some good communication there.”

It feels a little bit like your grandma telling you to tuck in your shirt, but to be fair this is more of a NCAA rule, than a Big 12 one. What do you think? Were the overbuilt face masks becoming too much, or is the NCAA just a bunch of fun killers?


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