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Our own Gerald Tracy III is attending Big 12 Media Days this year, and I’m a little bit jealous. So I sat down with him to talk about what it’s like to go. Gerald is an insanely busy guy. In addition to contributing to the LGG, he makes things go over at Cowboys Ride For Free and interns with 107.7 The Franchise in Oklahoma City. Despite his crazy schedule this week, he was gracious enough to give us an insight on what it’s like to attend. Be sure to give him a follow on Twitter at @_GeraldTracyIII.

Is this the first time you’ve been to Big 12 Media Days?

“Nope. I volunteered as a helper my freshman year in college, and got to hang around everyone here.

Were there any big differences between this year, and previous years?

“It was fun, but this was a completely different experience. That was Kliff’s first year in Lubbock, and he definitely has a little more of a personality now. It’s not that different though, a lot of the same.”

So walk us through your day, what’s it like being there?

“First you get here and set up. I’m here with my radio station, 107.7 The Franchise, so we have a table set up for us to go on air in the hallway. Inside the ballroom is a podium for Bowlsby and coaches to talk along with tables set up for players to talk afterward. The Bowlsby conference to open was by far the most important and most attended conference of them all. Everyone was live tweeting everything, I’m not sure half of us were actually listening. (Totally kidding). They would do this off and on with every coach after Bowlsby finished. For the station we had guys like Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart and Bill Snyder come on and talk. I got to talk to all of these guys before and after they were on air and they were great people, really nice. We got free lunch and it was pretty good haha. It’s pretty surreal being here to be honest. As a senior in college, I’ve gone from being a volunteer who was putting together the mannequin to the guy asking questions so it’s been real fun and a really big honor.”

Beyond the coaches and players, there’s some pretty impressive media members around as well. Who were you most impressed by?

“We’re all trying to do the same thing, get out alive. All joking aside, there were some big guys. Former athletes who everyone hates are super nice and very knowledgeable about the sport they cover. David Ubben is a nonstop worker and the ESPN guys are everywhere.”

It’s a big event, and there’s so much that happens behind the scenes that we don’t see. For example, you tweeted out a photo of Cy breaking the Iowa State’s mannequin. What’s it like behind the scenes?

“It’s all fun and games. The cheerleaders and mascots are always playing around, media members are taking pictures and videos and coaches are playing around. Yes, I said that right. Coaches get to be a little funnier here, usually because they are all 0-0 and have little to no injuries. It’s a work environment but it’s not.”

Lastly, with so many big names around, were you nervous about making a mistake? Has anything embarrassing happened?

“I was at first, but I always am. Then I get into my questions and I’m fine. I talked to Dana Holgorsen and he was funny, always a great interview. Somehow my pants came a little unzipped and Bob Bowlsby pointed it out (quietly) so no one heard it or saw but him and my coworker Eric Gee. Now he’s calling me barn door on air when he mentions me.”

Oh no! How awkward! Walking around with your fly down is embarrassing enough, but to be called out by the conference commissioner, well, that has to be pretty high on the list of things you don’t want to happen!  Gerald is a good sport about it though, and a huge thank you for his time. Be sure to keep an ear out for ‘Barn Door’ on 107.7 The Franchise this week!


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