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This time of year is really underrated. We’re so busy looking forward to kickoff, that we don’t appreciate that right now everyone is full of hope (Well, maybe except for Kansas). We dream of what could be, but the harsh reality it there’s only so many wins to go around, and someone has to lose.

Like everyone else, we here at the LGG have an opinion on who those winners and loser may be. The staff got together and we each submitted our rankings. Here’s how it played out. If you feel your team is ranked too low, you’re probably right. Let us know in the comments how you have it.

LandGrant Gauntlet’s Preseason Big 12 Power Rankings

1. TCU (7) – 88 points
2. Baylor (2) – 80 points
3. Oklahoma State – 70 points
4. Oklahoma – 62 points
5. Texas – 50 points
6. West Virginia – 45 points
7. Kansas State – 41 points
8. Texas Tech – 30 points
9. Iowa State – 18 points
10. Kansas – 9 points


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