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More off-season attrition news. TCU safety George Baltimore is calling it quits. | The LGG

The LGG’s Preseason Big 12 Power Rankings are out. | The LGG

This on what the preseason rankings actually say is fantastic! | Pistols Firing

“We’ve got a lot of guys with dreads that came in,” said OSU corner Kevin Peterson. “It’s hard to tell because [Ramon Richards] and Jordan Burton … it’s kind of a competition between them. Coach (Mike) Gundy makes a strong push for it. Testament to coach Gundy. I think looks is a big thing with him.” | Pistols Firing

Is Arkansas the answer to all of the Big 12’s problems? It’s not happening, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. | Cowboys Ride For Free

There’s a thought that if OU used Samaje Perine less, he could become more effective. | NewsOK

Does TCU have a Baylor problem? | Concerning Sports

“As one of the recent schools hired into the league, has West Virginia acquired the clout to command an East Coast partner? On another front, could it veto an expansion candidate it doesn’t endorse?” | Metro News

TCU is reportedly raising more money than anyone in the Big 12. | Statesman

Baylor is still reluctant to schedule quality non-conference opponents. | NewsOK

Across The Nation

Adidas is really bad at this whole uniform thing. | SB Nation

“‘It was out of the blue,’ Hall says. ‘He is a U.T. alum, a very well-thought-of, very successful guy who really isn’t a huge fan of football.’ The man, whom Hall has refused to name, also happened to be a good friend of Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton. ‘My friend told me, “I don’t know how to put this any other way: Nick Saban wants to come to Texas,”‘ Hall says.” | SB Nation

Air Force, Bowling Green, and USF are all getting new uniforms. | College Football Talk

Will Oregon win the Pac-12 once more? | The Student Section

I think we all forget that at this time last year, it wasn’t the Big 12 we wondered about being competitive. It was the Big Ten. Can their momentum continue to grow though? | College Football Talk

Everybody thinks Notre Dame needs to join a conference. (Why is everyone so concerned with forcing everyone to make the conference the way they think they should be?)

This is great.


They’re not built for that!

I could probably listen to John Oliver talk about anything.

This looks pretty good.


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