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HEADLINES: Would two 5-team divisions work in the Big 12?

Can the Kansas State Wildcats surprise in 2015? Does Oklahoma State have the best QB duo outside of Columbus, OH? Five things Texas Tech needs to do in order to move on from last season’s disappointments. And much, much more!

Mastcots at Big 12 Media Days | Twitter | @PickSix_Big12

From Around The Big 12

Arkansas should think about joining the Big 12 while they still can. | The LGG

The guys at CCM ranked the Sooners defensive line 8th in the conference. Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma State topped the list. | Crimson & Cream Machine

Does Oklahoma State have the best QB duo outside of Columbus, OH? | Pistols Firing

Oklahoma’s Nila Kasitati was named to the Polynesian player of the year watch list. | NewsOK

Baylor will be better than last season, and here’s ten reasons why. Although number two rarely lasts long for anyone. | Bears Truth

This is interesting. Would two 5-team divisions work in the Big 12? | NewsOK

We should know by now not to count out Bill Snyder. Can the Wildcats surprise in 2015? | Today’s U

Wide receiver is arguably Iowa State’s best unit, but can they carry the offense? | Ames Tribune

Here’s five things Tech needs to do in order to move on from last season’s disappointments. | Dallas Morning News

Texas’ strength and conditioning coach Pat Moorer has been doing work. | Horns247

“In Manhattan, it’s been no secret who Snyder, 75, thinks his heir should be. And during a visit to ESPN last week, he reiterated to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy that whenever he retires, he wants his son Sean to replace him.” | ESPN

Haha, this was amazing! Holgo is the best.

Across The Nation

Uh… WTH? How is this possible? There’s an unaccredited bible college scheduling games against other schools, but they don’t even have a campus. It’s an ONLINE college! It gets weirder though. They claim to be part of a conference that doesn’t even have a website, and appears to only have two members. Both of which belong to the same online college. They also recruit on Facebook. FACEBOOK! Somehow though, schools continue to schedule them!| Bring On The Cats /

This is interesting. The number of bye weeks has been nearly cut in half. |

Unspecified violation of team rules has struck again. this time at ECU as they dismiss starting guard Larry Williams. | Star News

College football players are about to get paid. | USA Today

Clemson gave their leading receiver from 2013 the boot. | College Football Talk

Michigan is retiring several jersey numbers. |

I’m just going to leave this here.


“I need NCAA Football. I need to be running a program, recruiting year-round, and spending several hours outfitting incoming recruits with single-digit jersey numbers and custom sweatband combinations.” | Grantland

LeBron James did a Twitter Q&A, and it didn’t disappoint. | SB Nation

Hulk Hogan just can’t help himself. | Daily Mail

Oops. Outfielder Mookie Betts gifted the White Sox a home run.

And Goodell didn’t buy it?

This is just ridiculous.



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