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Baylor, TCU Make Top 5 In Preseason Coaches Poll

The 2015 Preseason Coaches Poll has been released, and it’s a bit of good news/bad news for the Big 12.



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The BCS era is no longer and while the Coaches Poll isn’t as influential as it once was, we’re reluctant to let it go all the same. Around since 1950, it’s a part of the weekly ambiance that makes college football so great.

As the calendar creeps closer to September the 2015 Preseason Coaches Poll has been released to remind us all that we’re still five weeks away from kickoff. There’s a few surprises too.

TCU, not Baylor, leads the Big 12, and most of the nation for that matter. The Horned Frogs are only behind Ohio State while the Bears are right on their heels at four.

I can’t help but notice that’s two Big 12 teams in playoff spots. It there’s a message here it’s a lot is going to have to go wrong to keep the Big 12 out of the playoff again.

Uh, where’s Oklahoma State? Whatever love the Cowboys were receiving earlier this offseason is gone. Zero football has been played since then and now, so I’m not exactly sure why, but if the Cowboys want to make run in 2015 they have some ground to make up.

The Sooners are the only other Big 12 school in the Top 25 at 19. That probably sounds about right, but it shouldn’t take much to move OU up the poll. Especially if they grab an early win over Tennessee.

That’s it. Just three Big 12 teams made it, and that’s ridiculous. Along with Oklahoma State, you’d be hard pressed to tell me West Virginia isn’t a Top 25 team. They may have the best defense in the entire conference, and Dana Holgorsen teams are typically a slouch on offense either.

It is what it is though. Here’s the poll.

2015 Preseason Amway Coaches Poll

Rank School Record
1 Ohio State 14-1
2 TCU 12-1
3 Alabama 12-2
4 Baylor 11-2
5 Oregon 13-2
6 Michigan State 11-2
7 Auburn 8-5
8 Florida State 13-1
9 Georgia 10-3
10 USC 9-4
11 Notre Dame 8-5
12 Clemson 10-3
13 LSU 8-5
14 UCLA 10-3
15 Ole Miss 9-4
16 Arizona State 10-3
17 Georgia Tech 11-3
18 Wisconsin 11-3
19 Oklahoma 8-5
20 Arkansas 7-6
21 Stanford 8-5
22 Arizona 10-4
23 Missouri 11-3
24 Boise State 12-2
25 Tennessee 7-6
Others Receiving Votes: Mississippi State 164; Texas A&M 149; Oklahoma State 89; Virginia Tech 70; Utah 40; Kansas State 37; Louisville 27; Nebraska 27; Minnesota 25; Penn State 20; South Carolina 18; Miami (Fla.) 16; Texas 8; Illinois 7; Duke 6; Air Force 5; Louisiana Tech 5; Marshall 4; Utah State 4; West Virginia 3; North Carolina State 3; Brigham Young 3; Florida 2; Georgia Southern 2; North Carolina 2; Maryland 1; Michigan 1; Kentucky 1; Central Florida 1; Cincinnati 1; Washington 1.



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