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The Coaches Preseason Poll dropped yesterday. In a bit of good new/bad news TCU and Baylor made the top four, but Oklahoma State, WVU, Texas, and K-State were left off. | The LGG

We’re taking a look at the Big 12’s best rivalries. | The LGG

Should the Big 12 fine schools if fans rush the field? | NewsOK

Yay! More conference realignment talk… | Frank The Tank’s Slant

Whispers are getting louder that OU wants out.| Blatant Homerism

“If you’re familiar with the history between Cal and Texas football, you know that the Bears are far from golden when matched up with the Longhorns. In our first meeting in 1959, Texas opened up a can of whoop-ass and still hasn’t closed it.” | California Golden Blogs

Previewing Kansas. It’s not pretty. | Staking The Plains

The All-Big 12 Underrated Team. | ESPN

Is Texas going through an identity crisis? | Grantland

Ranking the Big 12 secondaries. | Crimson & Cream Machine

“I have an agent (Sexton), which most coaches have, and when somebody is interested in you, they call your agent, which they did,” Nick Saban said at the meeting. “The agent calls you, and you tell the agent ‘I’m interested’ or ‘I’m not interested.’ So (Sexton) called me about 15 times about Texas, and every time he called I said I’m not interested in talking to them, and I never will be. That’s the story. He did his job, I did my job.” | Dallas Morning News

Keep your fingers crossed Sooner Nation. Something strange is going with Tyreek Hill. He isn’t listed on Akron’s roster.

There some remodeling going on in Morgantown.

New addition to the locker room ready to go for camp #HailWV #WVU #LetsGo

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Hype Video

Here’s a pretty great Texas Tech pump up video. (via Staking The Plains)

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Across The Nation

“An interesting take on which coaches consistently cover the spread, and how they make money for the ever-increasing sports betting economy.” | Wide Right & Natty Light

“What are the Five Factors? Explosiveness, Efficiency, Field Position, Finishing Drives, and Turnovers: the factors determined to be most important within a game.” | Football Study Hall

Injuries during the offseason are the worst. Indiana’s leading returning receiver tore his ACL. | College Football Talk

Cal’s starting center up and left the team. | Bear Talk

Gavin Cupp was committed to Michigan State but after attending an Ohio State football camp the Spartans pulled their scholarship offer. Thankfully for Cupp, he got an offer from Ohio State. | Eleven Warriors

Seems like this could have been foreseen as a bad idea. Ohio State’s band mocked Holocaust victims. | Washington Post


WARNING: YOU CANNOT UN-SEE THIS. Some sick soul stuffed a bunch of dead chipmunks, dressed them up as Michigan and Michigan State football players, and ‘brought the rivalry to life’… Seriously, you can’t un-see it. I put this together pretty late at night, and now I’ll have nightmares. | Detroit Free Press

Sheldon Richardson to the press, “I told [the Jets] you don’t have to worry about my name being in the news again.” One hour later, news broke of his arrest. | SB Nation

This is not good. -> Rio’s Olympic water venues are ‘basically raw sewage‘ | SB Nation

Haha, Oh my!

Is it me, or does this look intentional?

Welp, that sucks. [Warning: NSFW language]


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