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Recruit Tren’Davian Dickson may be playing football in Austin in 2016, but it was a trip to Stillwater in April that got everyone talking, and it had nothing to do with stars or his football talent, but rather what he was wearing.

Dickson tweeted out a couple of photos from his trip, and Cowboy Nation couldn’t help but notice he was wearing a never-seen-before helmet.

The helmet, that looks similar to the orange chrome helmets unveiled last season (just missing the orange), keeps popping up too.

What makes this odd is that Oklahoma State is typically tight-lipped about possible new uniform combinations. The team even wore white helmets during warm-ups last season before unveiling the new orange chrome helmet at kickoff against Texas Tech.

It’s especially odd considering the manner in which it was leaked. Are these real? Or are they some sort of unfinished version of the orange chrome helmet, or could it just be equipment managers experimenting with different combinations? Well, ever since they’ve started popping up, we keep hearing from those close to the program that the ‘Icy White’ helmets are indeed real, and will be worn at some point this season. Pistols Firing was even sent a brand new pic of the helmet. We won’t know for sure until we see them on the field, but right now all signs point to that the Pokes have added to their uniform arsenal.

It might not be the only new helmet we see this year either. It’s been some time since the Cowboys have worn gray, but there’s at least one new carbon fiber helmet floating around Stillwater we’ve yet to see the team wear.



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