Connect with us put together a list of the top 16 most expensive college football tickets currently listed on StubHub, based on the cheapest ticket available. They did note that “With one month until kickoff and most season tickets now delivered in the mail, prices have fallen almost across the board.”

Before I get to some of the games, here are some interesting tidbits…

  • Alabama leads all teams with 5 games on this list
  • Notre Dame has 4 of the top 8 most expensive games.
  • Not surprisingly, the SEC dominates the list of teams, showing up 14 times of the possible 32 participants.
  • The Big 12 comes in next to last, with only 3 appearances, and one of those is courtesy of Notre Dame.

To a large extent, these results are not all that shocking. It’s hard to find a football brand more recognizable than the Fighting Irish, and nobody is going to compete with the certifiable craziness that is SEC football fandom. Also, the complete dearth of quality Big 12 non-conference games has an impact.

Here are the conferences, plus Notre Dame, and number of opponents involved (16 games, 32 teams):

SEC – 14
Big Ten – 6
Notre Dame – 4
Big 12 – 3
ACC – 3
Pac-12 – 2

Here’s the list, 1 through 16, with some comments:

1. Notre Dame vs Boston College – $609

Don’t care that it says it’s a neutral site (Fenway Park), it’s a home game for BC. Must be lots of rich Catholics and Notre Dame fans up here because outside of that, nobody much cares about college football.


Pick Six Previews gave us a little insight into the financial behemoth that is Notre Dame.

Apparently you can have a home game anywhere, presuming you control 95% of the tickets. If you are a BC fan and would like to go, you can donate $20k to get 4 tickets. Astounding.

So I guess I would say this is still not a truly neutral site game. It will effectively be a home game for Notre Dame.

In Fenway Park.

In Boston.

2. Texas at Notre Dame – $450

Yes, ESPN Game Day chose Alabama-Wisconsin in Ft Worth, and many cried foul. I don’t see the problem.

The SEC and Big 10 together occupy 20 of the 32 teams on this list, so by all means go where the money lies. This might have been different if the Longhorns weren’t currently stumbling around in a closet full of broomsticks.

3. Alabama at Georgia – $375

How this game is above the next one is beyond me.

4. Alabama at Auburn – $371

I love Bedlam, but the Iron Bowl is like Bedlam on steroids and HGH, multiplied by 1,000, with the game played on the surface of the sun.

5. Notre Dame at Clemson – $283

The ACC reaps the rewards of requiring Notre Dame to play some football against their teams in order to participate in the conference in basketball.

6. Ohio State at Virginia Tech – $277

It’s the defending national champs, yes, but it’s still Virginia Tech.

7. Michigan at Utah – $263

Mormon missions must be rakin’ in the dough…I really don’t get this one.

8. USC at Notre Dame – $246

Much tradition, but not quite as much football.

9. Texas vs Oklahoma – $236

Imagine if quality football was being played…

10. LSU at Alabama ($233)

Classic SEC.

11. Georgia at Auburn ($203)

So $578 gets Georgia fans two regular season college football games?

12. Michigan State at Ohio State ($198)

Interesting that this is currently a bigger ticket than #14.

13. Alabama at Texas A&M ($195)

The Aggies are riding coattails and name-dropping.

14. Ohio State at Michigan ($183)

This ticket will go way up if both teams have success, but I’m surprised it wasn’t higher given the defending national champs and the new coach at Michigan.

15. Tennessee at Alabama ($180)

Apparently Oklahoma at Tennessee isn’t as attractive.

16. Georgia vs Florida ($175)

Another “neutral site” contest (Jacksonville, FL) that is definitely more home game for the Gators, and more proof that the SEC drives a ton of revenue in college football, despite the absence of championship caliber activity.


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