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Yay! Headlines is back! On a related note, Windows 10 doesn’t seem too bad once you have all the right drivers.

We’ve been experimenting with a few polling solutions, and I think we’ve found one we like. Hopefully you like it too. We’ve added a weekly poll to the front page sidebar, and of course we started it with a conference expansion questions. So be sure to check that out!

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From Around The Big 12

The Big Ten is no longer scheduling FCS opponents. Should the Big 12 follow suit? 82% say no.  | The LGG

Should Texas leave the Big 12, and become an independent? | Staking The Plains

Texas and OU are reportedly getting black alternate uniforms, but probably not. 73% would be against it. | The LGG

Oklahoma State is getting a new helmet. | The LGG

David Ubben has TCU winning it all. | Fox Sports

If Oklahoma State is going to threaten for the conference crown, these ten players need to step up. | Go Pokes

“For Kansas football fans, it’s unrealistic to look at the fall of 2015 as anything more than new head football coach David Beaty valiantly trying to quell a dumpster fire that has raged in Lawrence on the corner of Fambrough Drive and Mississippi Street for five seasons.” | Rock Chalk Talk

Baylor’s 410-pound tight end, Laquan McGowan is the future of college football. | CBS Sports

A look at how all three of Oklahoma’s QB’s fit into their new offense. | Blatant Homerism

“Defensive line is the position group in which the Cyclones need to see the most improvement in 2015, especially at defensive tackle. ISU hopes Tucker is big piece of the solution.” | Ames Tribune

With not much to look forward too, maybe the Jayhawks could keep the fans entertained by introducing a few new looks this season. | Rock Chalk Talk

WVU to the SEC? It could have happened. “The SEC was a little bit different. Missouri took a long time to decide what it wanted to do and I think they were on the fence for six, seven, maybe eight months. Some thought Missouri was waiting for an offer from the Big 10 or may stay in the Big 12,” said Luck. “Had they stayed or had they become a member of the Big 10, we may have had an opportunity – and I emphasize the word maybe – to be in the SEC. The thing is nobody really knew what would have happened. What we do know is that Missouri’s move closed that door.” | Connect Bridgeport

Haha, David Ubben winning over any K-State fans this week.

Oklahoma’s picked up a late edition to their 2015 class. | Crimson & Cream Machine

Hype Video

Is it football season yet?

Across The Nation

If BC fans want to go to their game against Notre Dame, no problem. Just donate $20k and you can get four seats reserved. Um… what?! | The LGG

Wow, all the media guides! | Football Study Hall

Notre Dame, Cincinnati, and Maryland unveiled new Under Armor uniforms with ‘ungrabbable’ fabric.

Sorry Texas/Notre Dame

Oh hey, two GameDay’s In Week one!


Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon, both former OSU Cowboys, got into it in practice. But then hugged it out… because that’s what men say to each other after a fight, ‘Hug it out, b****’. | Pistols Firing Blog

Haha. The best part is when he asks for a women’s phone number and she says no. Big mistake. Huge.

LOL, Why thank you.



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