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From Around The Big 12

There’s a lot of hype around Mason Rudolph, the receiving corp, new running backs, and the rebuilt o-line, but the strength of Oklahoma State is going to be their defense. | Pistols Firing

“Texas freshman Devonaire Clarington finally got word from the NCAA regarding his eligibility, although it can’t be what he was hoping for.” | The LGG

West Virginia’s season opener just got a little easier. | Smoking Musket

Texas, Oklahoma, and Baylor all in the Top 5.   …for most overrated fan bases. Yikes. | For The Win

Texas could win 10 games? I guess it’s possible, but it’s going to be hard to do when right now they wouldn’t be favored in six of them. | Dallas Morning News

“This year, apart from the stories about how last year’s team expected to lose (welcome to the life of an Iowa State fan), much of the buzz from camp has been positive and intriguing. One of the more interesting stories has come from an unlikely source: 3rd/2nd/who-knows-string quarterback, Joel Lanning.” | Wide Right & Natty Light

Both SB Nation and USA Today have ranked all 128 teams and there’s one takeaway, Kansas isn’t last! USA Today has the Jayhawks at 124, and SB Nation has them at 109.

Texas Tech hasn’t forgotten last season’s disappointment, and it’s fueling their drive for this season. | Dallas Morning News

Oh look! Baylor is stacked at receiver too. | Our Daily Bears

TCU’s safety group is young, but could be special. | Frogs O’ War

College Football Across The Country

Freshman that could make the biggest impact. | College Football Talk

Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State, and USC all have something in common. They’re big time programs that could struggle to live up to the hype this season. | For The Win

After playing out the season a whopping 50,000 times, it’s TCU winning the Big 12. Auburn and Georgia lead the SEC though, so maybe we’ll see how it plays out in real life anyway.| Prediction Machine


Lemurs, stipers, fancy port-a-potties, fire breathers, belly dancers, a camel, sword swallowers, and snake charmers. Yep, must be Adrian Peterson’s birthday. | SB Nation

“The thing you don’t expect about playing baseball in prison is that everyone is extremely friendly.” | For The Win

Kicker trick shot videos are all the rage.

Yep, I’m going to have to go see this one.


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