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I hope Devonaire Clarington has been studying. The NCAA has apparently reached a decision regarding the 4-star tight end’s suspicious ACT score; retake the test.

At this point Clarington has a couple of options. Obviously the first is to retake the test. Just one problem though, the next testing date isn’t until September 12th. Nearly a week after the season opener against Notre Dame.

There’s one other small detail. He may be able to schedule a retake before then, but September 11th is the end of the Longhorns fall enrollment.

At this point Clarington’s best option may be to attend prep school this fall, and then join the Horns in the Spring. Which may be exactly what he’s planning to do.

Clarington, one of the ‘Florida Five’, was one of the highlights of Charlie Strong’s 2015 class, and was expected to earn early playing time.

The problem with his eligibility occurred when his ACT score was flagged as suspicious. The concern is over the overall score. It’s reportedly not in line with his academic history.

The story garnered attention last week when is was reported that the NCAA had received his paperwork a month prior and had still not made a decision. This isn’t the answer he was looking for, but at least now he knows what he has to do. Regardless of how he gets to Austin though, Clarington seems committed to getting there.


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