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Stop and think about the following. There will be football played tomorrow! Don’t wait to sign up for our Too Tough Big 12 Pick ‘Em Challenge before the action starts! | The LGG

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TCU At Minnesota

“On Thursday the down and gritty Golden Gophers will look to trip up the high-octane Horned Frogs as TCU begins an early bid for the CFB Playoff.” | The LGG

Fox is putting TCU on upset alert. | Fox Sports

TCU’s Trevone Boykin seems to be handling the hype well. | Big 12 Football Nation

Although ESPN is wondering if he’s overrated. Which means one thing, Boykin doesn’t play in the SEC. | ESPN

“The Horned Frogs open the season against Minnesota. Will it be a repeat of last season, or will an improved Gopher squad push the Frogs to the limit?” | Frogs O’ War

Oklahoma State at Central Michigan

I’m glad to see this series live on! Why OSU will beat Central Michigan. | Cowboys Ride For Free

Is there any chance CMU pulls off a surprise upset? No, no there’s not. | Pistols Firing

“CMU might have the home field and the emotional adrenaline behind them, but there’s just too many unknowns right now.” | Cowboys Ride For Free

From Around The Big 12

“The Big 12’s two best hopes have redefined Texas football. There’s plenty of hate, but neither side’s officials want to call it a rivalry. Yet.” – Ya… Call it whatever you want, it’s a rivalry. | SB Nation

With a new offense yet to be unveiled, Northern Iowa is proving to be a little difficult for Iowa State to prepare for. | Ames Tribune

The Bears shouldn’t have much of a problem dispensing of the SMU Mustangs on Friday. | Our Daily Bears

“Kingsbury traded in dance-offs and swagger for a more subdued summer in Lubbock. Now it’s time to see if those changes will payoff.” | Staking The Plains

CCM is pondering what we’ll see out of Oklahoma’s offense against Akron. The answer is not much, unless you get the pay per view. | Crimson & Cream Machine

A pretty good overall look at the Big 12. | Dallas Morning News

“Chuck Strong is Coach Strong’s alter ego, and you don’t want Chuck to come out because Chuck is not nice,” Gray said on Monday. “Chuck will try to bury you into the ground, and like it says, Chuck Strong is very Chuck Strong.” | Burnt Orange Nation

Wow. That’s a bold strategy Malik.

Hype Videos

College Football Across The Country

Nebraska hired a new PA announcer, but then fired him the next day. Lesson of the day, be careful about what you post to Facebook. |

Memphis is suspending six players from their opening game for their involvement in the Miami Beach Bowl Brawl last season. | College Football Talk

Ranking the SEC’s best home uniforms. | Saturday Down South

Black shirt, black shirt, BLACK SHIRT!

So I guess things didn’t work out at Akron. Much to OU’s relief.


This is great. Ronda Rousey took up a Marine on his offer to take her to a Military Corps Ball. | SB Nation

How much does Marshawn Lynch have to love Skittles to do this commercial? This will be the strangest thing you see all day, and it’s full of awkward quotes… “How you doing, big daddy?”, “You just got to slide it right on in.”, “Do you know how big each package is? Six inches.”, “The girls are accessorizing with the Skittles!”

Dang, the hit he puts on him!


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