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Who is to blame for the sorry state of the Texas Longhorns? If you’ve visited a Longhorn site lately, it’s Mack Brown.

Mack is aware that the “Hook Em” faithful are holding him accountable, and he isn’t pleased about it. Tim Griffin, of the San Antonio News Express, caught up with Mack and asked him if he bears some of the responsibility for the state of affairs in Austin. Brown quickly swatted that theory out to half court.

“I really don’t,” Mack Brown Stated. “I think if that was the case, our first year, we would have had to give all the credit to John Mackovic. So, to me, that’s really when you change. Change is very unique. Sometimes it works great immediately. Sometimes it takes awhile. Last year, it didn’t work. There were suspensions, changes, injuries and transfers”

Brown really leaves very little wiggle room with that comment. Of course he fails to address the fact that the talent level is clearly not what it was when UT was winning 10 games a season.

He also fails to address how stocked the cupboard was when he took over for Mackovic. When Brown took over in 1998 Ricky Williams was already on the roster as well as Major Applewhite among other future pros.

Do the current Horns have anybody who could hold the jock of either of those, particularly at QB? Better yet, how many Longhorn starters could even start elsewhere in the conference? Kansas needs some help, but not too many are making the Sooner’s, Bear’s, Horned Frog’s, Mountaineer’s, or Cowboy’s squads.

Anybody who has watched Texas over the last 5 years can clearly see that the talent level has been in steady decline.  That absolutely falls at the feet of Brown who oversaw the entire operation prior to 2014.

Do those other parties, the administration and current staff, deserve some of the blame, though? Without question. Patterson isn’t making any friends, but he has little to do with the product actually on the field. Strong on the other hand does, and he’s blaming himself.

“You’re never going to hear me say the guy before me didn’t leave us anything,” Strong said. “We’ve got players here. It’s up to us to put them in position to win.”

So who’s the most responsible for the demise of Texas? We’ll let you decide.

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