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Today marks the start of a new segment on LandGrant Gauntlet, one that we like to simply call ‘Film Room’. Each week we will dissect a play used by one of the teams in the Big 12. Today, we will start simple, analyzing one of Baylor’s favorite plays.

Since this is the first edition of  the segment, let’s establish the basics. With any spread offense, its success relies on proper exploitation of number advantages. Where the ball goes is dependent on where the advantage is. When it comes to between the tackles, an equal number is considered an offensive advantage, e.g. 5-on-5, 6-on-6, and so on. When it comes to receivers, any edge in numbers is considered an advantage, e.g. 2-on-1, 3-on-2, etc.

Today’s play of analysis is a simple packaged play. A packaged play is a play featuring more than one concept. The most simple form of a packaged play is a run paired with either a tagged screen or a quick pass. This play, diagramed above, is run in a trips formation, meaning there are three receivers to one side. It features an inside power play between the tackles and a quick curls concept to the trips side.

The play, as alluded to earlier, is all about the numbers advantage.

If the defense plays base, it opens up for the inside handoff. SMU has just five guys in the box as it’s 3rd and 18, giving the Baylor the advantage up front. Seth Russell hands the ball off, and Devin Chafin takes what’s given to him. The defense isn’t able to close in time, and the Bears pick up a long first down.

But if the defense cheats and the slot corner enters the box, or they show a base nickel front leaving the slot uncovered, it leaves at least one of the inside receivers uncovered.

The only way this play can be completely covered is if one of the safeties enters the box, thereby preventing the offense from exploiting either potential advantage. But considering how much of an emphasis Baylor puts on the deep ball, along with how fast the offense goes, this adjustment is unlikely.

We stayed simple this week, but expect for us to build on what we learned for weeks to come. We’ll pick a different play each week, hopefully leading to more offensively educated fans.

That’s the first edition of Film Room! Thoughts? Opinions? Be sure to comment below!


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