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It’s our second Bang or Bust, and this week we’re turning our attention the Bears. There’s no doubt that Baylor’s offense is one of the most talented and explosive groups in the country, their defense on the other hand hasn’t been as spectacular. In fact, it’s been downright suspect at times, which begs the question…

BANG or BUST? Baylor’s defense will cost them a game this season.

In two games the Bears have given up 709 yards and 52 points against SMU and Lamar. Not exactly toughies as Sagarin currently ranks the Bears schedule 168th through week two.

To the casual fan who hasn’t watched any games this season nothing should look unusual with the final scores of Baylor’s first two games as they beat both SMU 56-21 and Lamar 66-31. In both of their 35 point victories Baylor’s had plenty of firepower to win comfortably, but the competition is about to get harder, and they have some big time offenses on the schedule with Texas Tech, TCU, and West Virginia.

So we ask you…

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