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It’s week three, and here’s our picks for the weekend. The rules are the same as the previous two weeks. The staff and I make five picks with at least one pick involving a Big 12 team.

Before we get into this week’s picks, let’s take a look at just how terrible of a job we did last week.

Kyle didn’t do great, but after going 5-0 last week, he’s still leading the pack. Jake and I stayed consistent with another 3-2. We’ll definitely take a 60% win rate at the beginning of the season. Tracy rebounded well with a 3-2, but Matt, Robert, and Landon are searching for answers after a rough start to the season. There’s still a long way to go though, so it’s far from over.


Last Week


Win %

Kyle Lang 2-3-0 7-3-0 70%
Chris Ross 3-2-0 6-4-0 60%
Jake Anderson 3-2-0 6-4-0 60%
Matt Turney 2-2-1 4-5-1 45%
Tracy Guest 3-2-0 4-5-1 45%
Robert Spradley 1-4-0 3-7-0 30%
Landon Wilson 1-4-0 3-7-0 30%


So we aren’t making anybody rich. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Here’s the picks to avoid for this week.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you lose money by taking our picks. In fact we would advise you against it. We are probably quite terrible at this.

Chris Ross

  • Tulsa +31.5 (at Oklahoma)
  • Texas Tech +11 (at Arkansas)
  • Temple -13.5 (at Massachusetts)
  • Ohio State -35 (vs Northern Illinois)
  • Texas A&M -33.5 (vs Nevada)

There been a lot made of a possible let down from Oklahoma this week following the overtime thriller in Knoxville. There’s good reason for that. We see it time and time again in college football. Tulsa isn’t the same terrible team from last year either, and America hasn’t quite picked up on that. There’s value there.

Kyle Lang

  • Rice -7 (at North Texas)
  • Nebraska +3 (at Miami)
  • UTEP +3 (at New Mexico State)
  • USC -10 (vs Stanford)
  • Kansas State -9.5 (vs Louisiana Tech)

Kansas State has only given up three points through two games while Louisiana Tech has scored 103 over the same span. This game is an interesting matchup in contrasting styles, but in the end though, Louisiana Tech’s offense won’t be one of the top three offenses that the Wildcats face this season.

Landon Wilson

  • USC -10 (vs Stanford)
  • BYU +16.5 (at UCLA)
  • California -7 (at Texas)
  • Texas Tech +11 (at Arkansas)
  • Southern Miss +3 (at Texas State)

Cal’s defense isn’t the best so Texas might be able to put up a few points at home but I absolutely love Jared Goff, Cal’s quarterback. He will be able to put up points on a team that gave up 28 points and 462 yards of total offense to Rice.

Tracy Guest

  • Northwestern +3.5 (at Duke)
  • Texas A&M -33.5 (vs Nevada)
  • LSU -7 (vs Auburn)
  • Stanford +10 (at USC)
  • California -7 (at Texas)

Playing at home will be the only advantage Texas has in this one.  The offense will continue to struggle even with the QB change and Cal simply has too many offensive weapons.

Matt Turney

  • Texas A&M -33.5 (vs Nevada)
  • USC -10 (vs Stanford)
  • BYU +16.5 (at UCLA)
  • Michigan State -26 (vs Air Force)
  • SMU +37 (at TCU)

SMU already impressed everybody against Baylor which gave them some confidence. Then they scored 31 on North Texas last week. Not a win to write home about, I know, but there’s something about this SMU team that I like. Obviously they won’t win, but I’ll take the points with Matt Davis keeping just enough drives alive with his legs to cover.

Jake Anderson

  • California -7 (vs Texas)
  • Ole Miss +7 (vs Alabama)
  • Georgia Tech -2.5 (vs Notre Dame)
  • Bowling Green +3 (vs Memphis)
  • BYU +16.5 (vs UCLA)

I previewed the Texas game, and firmly believe this is a good bet. Cal has covered both games they have played at this point. Between Jared Goff, the Cal offensive weaponry, and UT’s various issues, this game spells trouble for our orange clad friends. Give me the Bears to win, cover and possibly decimate UT.

Robert Spradley

  • Colorado State +3 (vs Colorado)
  • Georgia Tech -2.5 (at Notre Dame)
  • Nebraska +3 (at Miami)
  • UNLV +34 (at Michigan)
  • Toledo -7.5 (vs Iowa State)

Toledo’s impressive win against Arkansas unfortunately displayed a flawed Rockets secondary which gave up over 400 yards through the air. While Iowa State’s passing attack has been impressive, its lack of a running game will make it difficult for them to move the ball consistently in crucial situations.


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