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This hasn’t been the season the Horned Frogs were hoping for so far. Sure TCU is 3-0, but it hasn’t been without its costs. The Frogs have lost a staggering amount of starters so far this season on defense, and it looks like they’ve suffered yet another loss. Corner Ranthony Texada went down in the first half of the game against SMU on Saturday, and head coach Gary Patterson has confirmed he’s out for the rest of the season.

It’s a tough blow to a unit that’s already stretched thin.

“We’ve been about no excuses here and it’s a tough loss with Ranthony,” head coach Gary Patterson said. “We’ll be able to get him back next year. He’s a younger player anyway.”

To start the season Patterson and staff were tasked with rebuilding last years defense after losing six starters. College football is a cruel and unforgiving mistress though, and apparently she has little sympathy for Patterson’s efforts as TCU is losing defensive starters at an alarming rate.

Let’s run down the list. Injury forced George Baltimore to walk away from football. While not a projected starter, he was expected to provide much-needed depth to the secondary. Losing Baltimore is just the tip of the iceberg though. Earlier this month they lost their most experienced linebacker in Sammy Douglas for the season. Defensive end James McFarland will miss significant time as well.  Starting linebacker Mike Freeze has taken a leave of absence, and a return seems unlikely at this point. Starting senior safety Kenny Iloka is out for the year after suffering a severe knee injury against Stephen F. Austin. Senior defensive end Mike Tuaua has been withheld from the action for unknown reasons. And Davion Pierson, the Frog’s most experienced tackle, is also out due to injury, but at least he’s expected to return soon.

It’s a unit that can’t afford anymore losses if the Frogs are to achieve their preseason aspirations.

“It’s not our first rodeo, but with the numbers that we have in specific places it’s tough,” Patterson said. “I’m not going to make this about us being hurt because that’s not what our program is built on.

“We’re not going to make excuses, we’re going to go forward.”


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