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Welp, when is rains it pours. TCU is suffering from several injuries to key players on defense, and it looks like they’ll be short a another one for the foreseeable future.

Defensive end Mike Tuaua was benched before their game two weeks ago against SF Austin for reasons that weren’t made clear at the time, but now we know. On Monday afternoon Tuaua was arrested on felony robbery charges following an alleged incident that occurred on Friday, September 4th.

Following news of Tuaua’s arrest it was reported that another player was allegedly involved, and later in the afternoon redshirt freshman receiver Andre Petties-Wilson was also arrested on the same charges.

The Warrant of Arrest breaks down the officer’s investigation in detail, but here’s the highlights:

  • A police officer was on patrol when he came across a group of individuals claiming that they were just attacked.
  • The alleged victims told officers they were walking down the street carrying a case of Keystone Light when one of them was struck with a beer.
  • When the victims turned and looked in the direction the can of beer came from, they saw three individuals standing in the yard, and no one else was present.
  • The suspect, including a black male wearing a backpack that appeared to be the style that TCU student athletes receive, ran up on the victims striking one them in the face with a closed fist.
  • The victim dropped to the ground in the fetal position while the group of suspects continued to kick and strike him.
  • As the suspects left one of them said, “Get the beer”
  • The victim said he felt pain in his shoulder and face, and told officers, “and they took my beer.”
  • At the scene police found several items that appear to belong to the attackers including a iPhone which rang while officers were at the scene. The name that appeared on the caller ID was “Mike Tuaua”.
  • Officers spoke with the residents of the home where the altercation happened. They said they were having a small party when four TCU football players showed up uninvited.
  • Police found Tuaua on the TCU football roster, and discovered he had already hired a lawyer.
  • Tuaua admitted to being at the party, but said they were asked to leave. He told police that when he went outside he saw a group of individuals surrounding Petities-Wilson, and went to help defend him. Tuaua allegedly admitted to punching an individual in an effort to get him off of Petities-Wilson. When asked why Tuaua felt like Petities-Wilson was in danger when Petities-Wilson was substantially bigger in stature, Tuaua did not answer the question.
  • Tuaua denied taking the case of Keystone Light, and claimed he doesn’t drink the brand.
  • Petities-Wilson refused to talk to police through his attorney.
  • The third suspect told police he was at the party with both Tuaua and Petities-Wilson, but was in the house when the incident started. He told police that as he left to go to the car, he came up to the fight as it was ending. He stated that as police started to arrive he warned Tuaua and Petities-Wilson, and they fled.
  • Police executed a search warrant of Tuaua’s home and discovered three cans of Keystone Light in the backyard near Tuaua’s bedroom door.
  • Police created a photo lineup to which the victim pointed to Tuaua saying he was who, “ran at us, joined in on kicking, punching and stepping on [redacted] while he was on the ground and was the last to stop. He also is the one who took the beers.”
  • Residents of the house where the incident occurred claim that Tuaua punched a window breaking it. They were making other guest uncomfortable, and that’s when they were asked to leave. The residents did not see the robbery occur.

While Petities-Wilson’s status with the team is unclear at this time, it’s believed that Tuaua has been suspended from the team. TCU has yet to make a formal announcement though.

Next man up is becoming a way of life in Fort Worth these days, but it has to be especially aggravating when you’re short on depth.

“You’ve got to all be in,” head coach Gary Patterson said last week. “I wish I could be more positive, but I think it’s better to be the way it is. If we’re not acting right on and off the field, then I’ve got a problem. Right now I’m not real happy with the buy-in.”



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